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The Power of Hope

Moving into a new year, we enter a natural time to reflect and take stock, to gather feeling of hope for the future. Hopefully looking to new horizons, ideas and beginnings. Sometimes after a difficult year we can restart, begin again, change our direction,… Continue Reading “The Power of Hope”

Keep Well and Resilient- Harness Your Self-compassion Superpower!

Develop your emotional intelligence and self-confidence Join a small group of like-minded professionals to harness the power of compassion for resilience and wellness.

Autumn’s Message to Start Anew

I wonder, are we hardwired for Autumn to be the more natural time welcome change?

My Story

A beautiful video, sharing the energy behind elementas coaching and mentoring may it continue to create ripples of wellness….

Lost and Found

Allowing yourself to get lost but knowing how to find yourself again.