Discover Your Self-compassion Superpower to build Resilience and Wellness

Discover your Self-compassion Superpower to build Resilience and Wellness in Group Coaching Sessions.

Would you benefit from a boost to your wellness and resilience?

A chance to improve your emotional intelligence, to build your focus, clarity and creativity? To wisely protect yourself against looming stress and potential burnout?

Are you motivated to spend 1.5hr a month to join like-minded people?

Well if so join us, on a four month journey (Autumn/Winter Group 1 and Spring Group 2) with 5 others to explore and grow your wellness and resilience using the inner super power we all have of Self-compassion (fierce and tender).

  • meet like-minded people
  • learn to identify your core needs
  • experience a sense of belonging in a supportive network
  • practice mindfulness and self-compassion techniques
  • harness the power of fierce and tender self-compassion
  • develop your trust and confidence
  • provide self-care to guard against stress and burnout
  • 4 Sessions, 4 Months

You will be part of a group of professions coming together to harness your innate power of self-compassion; mindfulness, belonging and kindness to naturally grow your wellness and resilience.

You will be the first to experience new materials and the latest research from my MSc studies in Mindfulness and Self-compassion in business coaching at Aberdeen University.

Experts Dr Kristen Neff and Dr Chris Germer tell us Self-compassion can be expressed both tenderly (comforting, soothing, validating) and fiercely (protecting, providing, motivating) to met our core needs as highlighted by Dr Rick Hanson and Profession Paul Gilbert. Often we have been socialised to to express ourselves with a more yin or yang approach, which means our needs stay unsatisfied and we can become depleted. These sessions will help you to be more aware.

The sessions are suitable for professionals, small business owners or those curious to know more about growing in wellness. For ease and convenience sessions are online with zoom video. We will have optional breakout rooms to enable you to get to know each other better and to discuss and share.

Group 1 – Autumn/Winter Dates: Mondays 7-8.30pm FULLY BOOKED

24 Oct, 14 Nov, 12 Dec 2022, 23 Jan 2023

Group 2-Spring : 13 Feb, 6 March, 3 April, 24 April or 8 May (Due to Bank Holiday) AVAILABLE.

Pricing is accessible to support individuals paying for their own development at £120 for all 4 sessions. There is additional option for 1:1 coaching available to explore session subject matter in more detail and a WhatsApp group for group connection and support.

Contact Lou directly to book your place or WhatsApp 07715814833

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