Keep Well and Resilient- Harness Your Self-compassion Superpower!

Join a small group of like-minded professionals to harness the power of compassion for resilience and wellness.

Would you benefit from a boost to your wellness and resilience? A chance to improve your emotional intelligence, to build your confidence, focus, clarity and creativity? To wisely protect your health against looming stress and potential burnout? Are you motivated to spend 1.5hr a month to join like-minded people?

Join us, on a four month group coaching journey with 5 others to explore and grow your inner Self-compassion superpower . The sessions have been designed for professionals, sole traders, or retired open and curious to grow and develop.

You will be the first to experience new materials and ideas backed by the latest scientific research from my MSc studies in Mindfulness and Self-compassion in business coaching at Aberdeen University.

Experts Dr Kristen Neff and Dr Chris Germer tell us Self-compassion can be expressed both tenderly /yin (comforting, soothing, validating) and fiercely/yang (protecting, providing, motivating) to met our core needs as highlighted by Dr Rick Hanson and Profession Paul Gilbert.

However we may have been socialised to express ourselves with a more yin or yang approach, this can lead to imbalance. Our core needs may stay unsatisfied and we can become frustrated or depleted at work or in our personal lives. These sessions will help you come self-aware to your personal preferences improving your emotional intelligence with better self-confidence to met your needs.

As a group you will help each other and discover simple ways to harness your innate power of self-compassion; mindfulness, belonging and kindness to naturally grow your wellbeing.

Feedback from the current group;

“I joined Lou’s Self-compassion and mindfulness because I wanted to know more. I have actually gained a great deal more from Lou and the group. I gained me, for that I thank you all.”


“the self compassion course, has made me truly realise how undervalued this skill is and although down to be a daily habit of improvement… is greatly valuable if you wish to understand self kindness and awareness within yourself, and a fantastic group to be along the journey with who wish to take the same path, some extreme epiphany moments along the way!!


I have been on a personal journey of improving my mental and physical self for the past 2-3 years. As an over thinking people pleaser it’s been a mixed experience and I know I was guilty of being unkind to myself. So I decided to learn more about self-compassion and mindfulness alongside a small group of others, led by Lou. The course has made me more aware of emotional triggers, how to identify with how I’m really feeling and importantly how to be kind to myself and celebrate the good in me. As an extra bonus I have met some truly beautiful people who have so much to offer and the shared experience has been wonderful.” Thank you.


“Thanks Lou. I can say hand on heart that the kindness and clarity you bring to a complex subject is touching and eye opening. There are beautiful gems and insights that you are bringing to others in this course. For myself you have turned on the lights again and again to the different elements of self compassion. Your creative connections with values and beliefs with self compassion is innovative. I’m very grateful that I have had the opportunity to benefit from your passion and true vulnerability in sharing your experiences and understanding of self compassion. Thank you”

(SD Educator and Researcher)

Spring 2023: 6 March, 3 April, 24 April, 15 May 23 –

For ease and convenience sessions are online with zoom video. We will have optional breakout rooms to enable you to get to know each other better and to discuss and share. A WhatApp group will help you find community and connections with fellow group members between sessions.

  • meet like-minded people
  • learn to identify your core needs
  • experience a sense of belonging in a supportive community
  • practice mindfulness and self-compassion techniques
  • harness the power of fierce and tender self-compassion
  • develop your trust and confidence
  • change with group support
  • provide self-care to guard against stress and burnout
  • 4 Sessions, 4 Months

Pricing is accessible to support individuals paying for their own development at £120 for all 4 sessions.

Should the group wish to continue we have 2 bonus sessions at an extra £30 per session.

There is additional option for 1:1 coaching available to explore session subject matter in more detail and a WhatsApp group for group connection and support.

Contact Lou directly to book your place or WhatsApp 07715814833

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