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Moving into a new year, we enter a natural time to reflect and take stock, to gather feeling of hope for the future. Hopefully looking to new horizons, ideas and beginnings. Sometimes after a difficult year we can restart, begin again, change our direction,… Continue Reading “Hopelessness”

Autumn’s Message to Start Anew

I wonder, are we hardwired for Autumn to be the more natural time welcome change?

Letting Go

“When I let go of who I am, I become what I might be” – Lao Tzu. True but so tricky to trust, to let go of what we know, especially in uncertain times, would you agree? Yet as a wellness coach I continuously… Continue Reading “Letting Go”

Wellness Wisdom from Tibet

What can we learn from the ancient wisdom of Tibet as navigate a global

Tai Chi, My Passion and Ambition to meet “Falling Water” – Frank Lloyd Wright

“an architectural triumph of such compelling beauty and daring that it propelled Wright into newspaper headlines, onto the cover of Time magazine, and back into the spotlight of American architecture after years of obscurity”. Frank Lloyd Wright, The Interactive Portfolio Margo Stipe. I love this… Continue Reading “Tai Chi, My Passion and Ambition to meet “Falling Water” – Frank Lloyd Wright”