Are you “Living the Life You Love?”

Well “Sampler Sunny Saturdays” have been born to help you and equip you with ideas and tools to explore new ideas and ways to live. Sampler Sunny Saturdays have been designed for those of you that fancy a taster of Tai Chi/Chi Kung, Mediation and Coaching. Perhaps you like the idea of the “Live the Life You Love” sessions but have commitments during the week. No prior experience needed. Bring an open mind and commit time and space to relaxRead more

Creating More Life Balance

  “If you would have asked me 12 months ago to seek help from somebody in Lou’s profession I might well have responded in the typical blokey way….I don’t need help, I’ll sort it myself! Since being put in touch with Lou I have been so pleased with the results from our meetings. I find that using Lou as a bit of a sounding board and being open to her suggestions has really put the concerns I had about myRead more

Could Tai Chi Make You More Resilient?

Could an Eastern (soft) approach to exercise like Tai Chi, Chi Kung be more therapeutic for your body? Or do you prefer more hard exercise like Football, Tennis, Jogging. Evidence and new thinking suggests that taking a softer approach to exercise could increase your health and resilience. How does that sound? A qualified Tai Chi/ Chi King teacher, I often show clients and friends simple moves and techniques to help them better support their wellness. This may be simple, free waysRead more

Ignite Your Life

A fun, creative and simple hands-on workshop designed to ignite your life! As we move into the depth of winter, what could be better than to unlock and energise your dreams/ goals to light up your nights? Together we will co-create YOUR PERSONALISED VISION BOARD to manifest more of the life you love. * Relax and take time out for you * Focus on your hopes and dreams * Remove personal blocks, improve your confidence. * Explore fresh ways toRead more

Wellness Messages- It’s All About You!

I was asked to speak on radio today about the subject I am ever so passionate about – Wellness. The “It’s All About You” interview at RibbleFM went well thanks to Kath Lord-Green Founder and presenter who helped me relax. Kath does an amazing job. Alongside I decided to run a small survey and ask Facebook friends and friends of friends what was important to them in their own wellness. I’m keeping the survey going this week as we areRead more

Setting Your Direction of Travel

Do you know where you are heading?  If not it may be time to stop, get your bearings and reset your inner compass. Deciding where you want to be can sometimes be a little tricky! Especially if it feels like you are in the middle of a constant storm. Taking time and space to assess your personal situation can make a big difference to your life. In giving yourself space in your schedule, you have chance to reflect upon yourRead more

Magical Postcards from Vienna

Did you know that the first Postcard was established in the Austria – Hungarian monarchy in 1869? Today in Vienna, I learnt this new fact. In the days before the instantaneous, digital delights of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. Postcards enabled and encouraged people to send images across the world, creating connections. In the spirit of delayed gratification, I believe Postcards still have a place today. I like to send them to friends, family and acquaintances to remind them that someoneRead more

This Game of Wellness!

The 4 dimensions of wellness include Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual. Here I am arriving in Vienna for a few days. Post to a weeks practical Wellness training near Olomouc in the Czech Republic (with colleagues from all over Europe). The trainers were a doctor, a wellness practitioner and a gaming expert. We used experiential learning techniques to gain more insights into and richer understanding of wellness. I was able to benefit from learning across cultures and from the expertiseRead more