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The elementas Story

elementas was founded in 2011. It was the start of a journey to work, and live in a more authentic way, and without realising I was exploring ways to help others to do so.

Today my organisation elementas helps individuals and organisations to thrive and flourish, with a powerfully different kind of wellness coaching and business mentoring.

My own life’s journey had led me through some tough times. Along the way I met some amazing people and learnt some valuable lessons that helped me grow in my own wellness. It is this personal growth that drove me on to learn more about mindfulness, and different forms of coaching. My search for understanding has taken me all over the world, joining wellness experts in Europe, and learning about compassion from Buddhist guides in ancient Tibet and Scotland. I’m currently researching compassion in leadership coaching as part of a Masters at Aberdeen University.

Lou Booth Owner Founder elementas

elementas continues to integrate traditional tried and tested business and wellness tools with fresh innovations and research-evidenced expertise from evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and compassion.

This wealth of understanding has been invaluable during the Covid-19 Pandemic. I have been able to support clients in the ongoing adjustments that we all continue to face, both in our personal, family and work lives.

“You have pointed me to think differently and as a result I have changed.”

Dave Murray Vice President, GCP AMEX.

I see clients become more present and aware, less stressed and happier in themselves from the results of our coaching sessions. They are able to mess up and move on without becoming over analytical. They have more trust in themselves and their insights and new wisdom to channel their energy into what is important.

Whether you need support to stop doing, to be more present, to listen and truly hear what you need right now, or the encouragement and motivation to unlock fresh ideas and new perspectives, I can help you.

“You help me sort myself out so then I can focus and get on with running and growing my business.”

Jeremy School Property Matters

I help leaders and managers to understand their complex situations and needs. With a personalised approach I guide them to build psychologically safer, more supportive workplaces where everyone can thrive and flourish.

Lou Booth

Are you ready to thrive and flourish ?
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