Autumn’s Message to Start Anew

We often talk about January and the New Year being the time for fresh beginnings, new resolutions and intentions. Yet I wonder, is September and Autumn the more natural time for change? My love of nature and fashion has always been stimulated by Autumn ’s enchanting colour pallet. Psychologically it would definitely make sense. The colours of Autumnal leaves signify a time when as adults or as children we’ve all had to grapple with new starts; timetables, getting to new new places and people. Memories of a mental shift in pace and pattern, returning to school, college or Uni after the a summer rest? I wonder, maybe our brain is naturally hardwired to change in Autumn, if so could we harness this energy?

Change can be exciting and energising, mapping out future plans and aspirations, new adventures. Change can also be subtle or pronounced. Change can be unsettling and uncomfortable; especially the type of change that arrives without welcome. Changes like a pandemic, or those unexpected life defining words from a partner, a boss, a doctor or vet – that can stop us in our tracks, to catch our breath, and potentially change our lives for better or worse. Such experiences can take even the most prepared of us by surprise, without the cushion of time to prepare for the shift, the journey or fall out that can follow. 

Coming back to Autumn as she reliably returns again, spreading her stylish cape of deep purples, ruby reds and vibrant yellows. Could Autumn’s uplifting spirit help you to start anew? Could this new season and natural splendour soften your mental and emotional landscape, helping you to press pause as we emerge from multiple lockdowns? Could you take time to balance out the benefits of personal and work changes, with the harsh shifts in society that we have all experienced in the last few years? 

As we all adapt to natural life pace and rhythm, I invite you to keep curious and open. As we start to make sense and navigate our new world, emerging from multiple lockdowns. As we begin to notice the subtle shifts to our behaviour and society norms and habits, remember to take time to re-calibrate and adjust. 

“True life is lived when tiny changes occur” 

Leo Tolstoy

What can we learn from the natural movement of Autumn as she prepares to open her natural jewellery box of seasonal delights? 

  1. Tune in to your senses to become more present; let your eyes notice the colour changes around you. Feel the air temperate shifting bringing a palpable chill to the air. Watch the play of Autumn’s mellow light dancing on pavements, textures and surfaces. Remember to “press pause” and connect with your mind and emotional internal weather system daily. 
  2. Calm and support your nervous system as you move and settle into a new pace, albeit perhaps a less familiar life. Take a deep breath in and then a long release. Make your breath audible (helping your mind to hear you), giving it permission to rest and settle just for a few minutes during your day. 
  3. Watch and learn from nature. Hear the wind’s energy gently gathering momentum nudging acorns and sycamore seeds to let go, to take a leap of faith to scatter and flourish. 
  4. Like Mother Nature, embrace the strength of tender compassion, for self and others described by expert and researcher Dr Kristin Neff as a beautiful mix of keeping loving, connected and present.
  5. Gather together your own personal harvest with gratitude and appreciation. Take stock of your gifts and abilities, acknowledge how you (alongside others) have done your best to survive and triumph over uncertainty.

As we learn to deal with and recover form the life challenges that are thrown at, we can build resilience. Remember that ‘energy follows focus’ and we can build what transformational leader and businessman Stephen R. Covey (October 24, 1932 – July 16, 2012) called our “circle of influence” rather than getting lost in our ‘circle of concern’. 

As with the strength of the mighty mountains and ancient oaks that stand tall, as the winds of life come and go, we can emerge wiser, stronger and more resilient. 

Autumn is truly a time of hope, a knowing that ancient cycles will prevail. A reassurance and remembering that that “this too will pass” good or bad, it will not stay the same. We can trust that with the right support the flow of life continues.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world” 

Mahatma Gandhi

Despite what we are told there is another way. Sidestepping our harsh cultural stereotypes and judgements woven into our language encouraging us to “smash it” or “kill it”, imagine how would it feel to move with more ease, an acceptance of yourself and find a tempo that resonates and best fits with you?

Observe and learn from nature’s perpetual cycles and seasons and tune in and reset your own natural personal rhythm. Find new ways to acknowledge and hold your vulnerability, with a firm but flexible stance, a fierce compassion of bravery, empowerment, wisdom. It will serve you well as you draw upon your personal, rich abundance and unfurl through your life seasons with a natural, more effortless grace.

Lou Booth is a wellness and mindfulness life coach and business mentor. She works with individuals and organisations to develop new approaches that to help them to thrive and flourish. Contact Lou 07715814833 

If you are open to change and want to grow your personal and organisational resilience and wellness get in touch I still have places on fully funded* programme of Peer Networking with 1:1 Coaching. It runs from late October 2021 until March 2022. * Lancashire Organisations conditions apply see

Image courtesy of Dani Korai (Fundamental Nature) taken in Romania when training alongside inspiring professionals exploring new steps and ways to live and work.

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