Tai Chi, My Passion and Ambition to meet “Falling Water” – Frank Lloyd Wright

28170calendarFW2015 “an architectural triumph of such compelling beauty and daring that it propelled Wright into newspaper headlines, onto the cover of Time magazine, and back into the spotlight of American architecture after years of obscurity”. Frank Lloyd Wright, The Interactive Portfolio Margo Stipe. I love this building by architect Frank Lloyd Wright www.fallingwater.org . And true to its form “Synchronicity” has been working her magic again. I was brought a very talented Architect Lee to coach. He told me more about this building, he’s very technical and helped me understand the genius of what Frank Lloyd did here with Falling Water ( I want to keep saying that title, love it!) Lee made me want to visit the place more, it’s what architects do; they are inspiring and clever and a little bit mischievous! My Tai Chi training and  philosophy permeates my live, it helps me appreciate the natural harmony Mr Lloyd Wright created here, oh so well. A natural harmony he understood and kindly created and communicated in his buildings for us all to know. Like the Guggenheim, New York www.guggenheim.org/new-york/about/frank-lloyd-wright-building. I’ve visited this one and it didn’t disappoint. A guide talked about the spiral gallery (energy moves in spirals) and Lloyd Wright’s design to connect heaven and earth. In Tai Chi the moves continually connect heaven and earth. The elements are reflected in the Tai Chi moves, from earth to fire, water, air, ether. There is a move called the ‘Water Fall’ in the Tai Chi form.  This Architecture speaks to my soul. Mr Lloyd Wright really gets it! Frank Lloyd Wright21662fwnewbookphoto 3-1 Architect Lee told me about the construction and the cross it forms, the rock the earth with the falling water. The technical difficulties of this project, the passion and ambition that Mr Lloyd Wright must have had to make it happen! As we do in life and in the long form of Tai Chi we continually play and dance with the cross formation. In Tai Chi, representing connecting the heavens and earth, our world of duality choices, left/right, yes/no, good/bad. Bringing in light. My Ambition is to visit Falling Water, this sacred church and amazing building. It draws me, it has done for years. I am not quite ready to visit yet but know I will. It is without question. I feel it, I have true faith that I will. It speaks to my soul. Whats your ambition and dream? Lets start to work out how you can make this happen and make your plan your reality. But are you open and ready to flourish? When you are please get in touch and tell me more. My image above captures Falling Water from Ruskin’s little waterfall at Brantwood Ruskin’s Home. Ruskin and Wright were connected. We are all connected. We just forget! The above images are from merchandise that can be purchased from www.fallingwatermuseumstore.org/browse.cfm/fallingwater-2015-calendar-with-archival-photos/4,1062.html

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