Bring Light to your day during the Dark Winter Months

Join our Wellness and Resilience Peer Sessions to make sure you keep healthy and well during the dark winter months. A couple of places left for our Autumn- Spring Cohort. Fully funded project for businesses/organisations turning over £100K (pre-Covid also) and with 5 or more in the team. Some exceptions, call me or WhatsApp me to join 07715814833 .

Peer Sessions:
18 hours of Group Sessions over the time period. We will meet every 2-3 weeks on line for 2hrs x 6 and 2 site visits of 3hrs (Covid restrictions allowing) where we can get to inspiring places to get to know each other better informally and learn some new ideas and skills.

  1. Wellness and Resilience Topics:
    • Time to consider our own wellness opposed to illness and what resilience means.
    • Unpack models of wellness and resilience, to build common understanding dialogue with colleagues and teams.
    • Explore our ‘perceptions’ and where we focus our energy e.g. “circle of influence and concerns” (S Covey).
    • Tune into our basic human needs and basic brain functions (e.g. Fight and Flight, Soothing, Achieving) systems.
    • Learn about the stress response and identify stress early to prevent burnout in ourselves/our teams.
    • Identify our own value systems and notice how this impacts our communications, decision-making and leadership.
    • Explore research evidenced mindfulness and compassion (tender and fierce) techniques e.g. boundaries which
    support and build our resilience and wellness.
    • Learn from the experts and specialists in the room to take back home and to work.
  2. Action Learning:
    For the second part of the session we will take an Action Learning approach to help others grow by building support and challenge. This is where participants get the chance to present an issue or challenge that they have. The group asks ‘open’ questions to help the participant to find awareness and personal insights into the matter that they are dealing with. At the end the group members can give advice and the participant commits to actions before the next session, to share with the group.
    It’s a great way of building communication and interpersonal skills. Trust and friendships are grown over the weeks and the participants make use of the expertise, skill and wisdom in the room of professionals. This is what people said about the last Cohort.
  3. Optional1:1 Coaching and mentoring:
    3.5 hours coaching or mentoring for work or personally. These sessions bring opportunity to focus on what is currently alive for you and/ or link to the exploring subject matters from the sessions in more depth, and at your own pace.
    Lou Booth: (
    • ILM level 7 Executive Coach and Mentor (professionals, leaders and senior managers)
    • Licensed Heartmath Coach
    • NLP Practitioner Certificate
    • Currently MSc Studies in Mindfulness- Aberdeen University (Part-time) specialising in Mindfulness based
    Coaching in business settings
    • Men’s Health Forum Advocate
    • Member of European Mentoring Coaching Council (EMCC).Mindfulness Association Heartmath UK
    Chartered Institute Marketing

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