Coming together to flourish

Over the last eight years I have engaged in wellness projects and training in the UK and internationally. I have worked with and practically learned from fascinating teachers, professional and wellness experts from different cultural perspectives. With rich learning and experiences I am excited to have an opportunity to bring together a small group of amazing people to share, explore different ideas and build Resilience and Wellness, supporting each other. This is a fully funded government initiative called Peer Networks delivered by Boost Lancashire.

We will be meeting over a period of 5 months (mainly by zoom) and together we will:

  • Understand what Wellness and Resilience means to us as individuals
  • Recognise and Manage Stress in ourselves (and others) better
  • Discover new insights and ways of Finding Clarity in the “midst of it all”
  • Learn ways to deal with unplanned Change and Transition in our worlds
  • Improve our Communications with self and others by building self-awareness
  • Employ new and personalised tools to Thrive and Survive opening new doors personally and professionally.

Places are limited* and we start early November, to make an enquiry please contact Lou Booth on 07715814833

(*organisations must have 5 staff and have a turnover of £100k)

elementas opening new doors personally and professionally.

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