Wellness Messages- It’s All About You!

I was asked to speak on radio today about the subject I am ever so passionate about – Wellness.

The “It’s All About You” interview at RibbleFM went well thanks to Kath Lord-Green Founder and presenter who helped me relax. Kath does an amazing job.

Alongside I decided to run a small survey and ask Facebook friends and friends of friends what was important to them in their own wellness.

I’m keeping the survey going this week as we are getting great results.

323 Votes (3 each)

The top results so far are-

1) Having close, supportive, intimate relationships (friendships, family, partnerships) – 61 Votes

2) Regular movement and exercise, feeling alive – 58 Votes

2) Eating well – 39 Votes

The full interview should be available soon and I will post…not heard it yet.


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