Is Your Time Ticking Away?

Work Well: Live Well: Be Well

Does it feel like your life is ticking away, with no time to spend how you really want?

Do you want to know what is really driving you, what is totally making YOU tick?

And if you knew better, would it make a difference to how you spend your time?

Imagine being more aware, more accepting, less fearful, and more resilient to life’s storms.

Be more relaxed and happier at work, more connected and present with the people and creatures that matter the most to you.

Live life with more clarity, more focus. Show up more with more presence. Imagine failing faster, making better choices, and confidently providing for and supporting others. Ultimately cultivating more joy, more personal reward, giving yourself permission to succeed and relax.

Well I believe you can do all this and it isn’t that complex.

Experts and researchers in the fields of evolutionary psychology and neuroscience seem to agree. I will make it simple and pass on my learning so you can easily do it for yourself.

If you are curious about your reaching your potential and are ready to take a fresh approach, let me show you how. Together we’ll bring to light to your personal blocks and any stubborn resistance.

If coming home, connecting and living to your value system strikes a chord, and my approach resonates, then let’s share a cuppa and talk about unearthing new insights.

Over the years I have had the pleasure to meet managers, leaders and owners to discuss business and life experiences. Most are coaching in a similar style. Looking for a different approach? I can highly recommend Lou to guide you to your balanced lifestyle and business achievement” Darren

Think less about what you have to do, more about the way you want to do it!

And let’s do in your life time!


Lou Booth

Executive Business and Wellness Coach Post Grad Certificate Mindfulness (MSc)

BA (Hons) DipM MCIM Chartered Marketer

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