Setting Your Direction of Travel

Do you know where you are heading?  If not it may be time to stop, get your bearings and reset your inner compass.

Deciding where you want to be can sometimes be a little tricky! Especially if it feels like you are in the middle of a constant storm of uncertainty.

Taking time and space to assess your personal situation can make a big difference to your life. In giving yourself space in your schedule, you have chance to reflect upon your circumstances. Time to consider, your goals and to explore your current perceptions and reality versus your potential future.

And then, once you are more aware, more conscious, you will be better equipped to decide, what is your best way forward to your chosen destination? That may sound exciting, or scary. Or perhaps maybe even a little overwhelming? It can be, that is why we sometimes get lost or veer off course, pulled by the forces of our lifestyle choices and currents of our daily distractions.

How can coaching can help?

The coaching process is designed to help you unlock your potential. It offers you a personalised one-to-one support. A coach offers you a confidential space and acts as an objective sounding board. Coaching offers you a structured, professional process to help to work through your agenda. Your needs, wants and aspirations. The tools and practices are designed to help you free up you thinking, bringing new energy, and extra guidance to your decisions.  Enabling you to unlock and harness your potential, so you can set sail confident it’s your best route of travel. Accompanied by tailored coaching support, motivation and guidance to help you keep on course.

“elementas, I believe that together we flourish ”

Lou Booth 

(Founder elementas coaching)

Executive CoachingWellness Coaching

To book your first coaching appointment contact Lou or call 07715714833 to learn more.

(Photos Mauritius Sept. 2017) 

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