wellness coaching

elementas “wellness coaching” offers 1:1 health focused sessions designed to help your health and wellbeing.

Become more aware of the 4 dimensions of wellness and benchmark your own level of wellness. Build your self-awareness to appreciate how you can help yourself to achieve higher levels of wellness and better wellbeing.


Explore practical ideas to bring balance, energy, happiness and completeness to your daily life.

Learn how to tap into your higher creativity taking steps towards your dreams and ambitions each day.

Choose from three options; elementas Taster, Transition and Transform Packages designed to suit your personal needs.

Bespoke and Personalised

Options are designed to give you time to support you, to focus on how best to achieve your wellness goals.

Option 1 – elementas Taster- a quick fix, first/aid, quick wins (e.g. a drop in confidence, to get over a small set-back, help with current aims or ambitions). Suggested timescale 2 months.

Option 2 -elementas Transition- more in depth help (trying to increase your motivation, reduce your levels of stress or anxiety, improving wellbeing, setting up a new project or job, adapting to illness or making small  to medium life changes). Suggested timescale 3-4 months.

Option 3 -elementas Transform – longer term support such as help with a major life event or change (e.g. making medium to larger life changes, major confidence issues, loss, separation, illness, changing jobs or business venture, children leaving home etc.). Suggested timescale 5 months +.

Sessions -Your initial session is 90 minutes. Together will benchmark your current state of wellness and spend time mapping your intentions, challenges and goals. Subsequent sessions will be 75 minutes long. Packages ranging from 2 months plus depending on what your needs are.

eed a little help and encouragement?

“When you have a lifelong critical illness your world is dominated and limited by that illness. Lou has helped me redefine my limitations which has enabled me to take control of my illness and reassess  how I relate to it.  It means that I look after myself and use self-compassion to get through the hard times knowing that there will be time to push myself.” (Senior Business Growth Specialist)

elementas wellness coaching packages aim is to empower and enable you with the skills knowledge and wisdom you need improve your wellness.  Sessions are crafted after years of listening to what people experience (both personal and business), seeing where they need help and and then studying and working with experienced practitioners on my own journey to find out what really works practically first hand. 

Lou creates a safe, relaxing and confidential space for your bespoke 1:1 session. They are designed to energise you and support your journey to get closer to the place you want to be. Coaching links the mind, body and emotions to integrate helps us get there quicker. Lou’s tools and techniques include breath work to tap into our unconscious mind and reconnect our innate wisdom. This particular helpful to familiarise with our actual (or perceived) blocks (mental, emotional and physical).

Mindfulness and compassion tools and approaches help us focus our intention, calm the storm (rest and restore part of our mind) as well as bringing opportunity for you to develop more self-trust and confidence in your intuition, so you can make better choices. You know the choices…the ones that help us flourish naturally.

elementas Executive and Leadership Coaching  is suitable for owner managers and people in senior positions in organisations, and works with wellness approaches.

elementas Coaching information.

To find out more and book your first session contact lou@elementas.co.uk

07715814833  www.elementascoaching.comwww.linkedin.com/loubooth

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