“together we flourish” 

elementas was founded in 2012. My dream was to work and live in a different way.  It was the start of a journey. A journey to work collaboratively with others, with a value system that rang true. A chance to live a more authentic life and help others do so also. A path to find new ways to connect people inside and out, linking the heart and the mind, the logic and the emotions.

Today elementas does this by providing coaching and mentoring services to individuals and organisations. Services to help nourish their needs and wants in ways that help them develop and flourish.

elementas’s values underpin our approach of a more natural, creative and holistic approaches to life and work. The photography is captured or directed by Lou and paints a picture of the essence and feeling behind elementas.

In projects elementas brings together other like-minded people enabling collaboration. Sharing understanding and Wisdom. These people are experts and specialists in their field be that HR, project consultancy and contracting, creating and designing or in supportive therapeutic practise.  Together we come together and support individuals and organisations to find the right solutions that work best for them.


“In my experience I’ve learnt that building positive, trusting and open relationships means people are ‘more well’ and ‘joined up’ personally and with others. At work and in their personal lives.

It is my thinking that our best journeys to growth mean venturing out of our comfort zone. Keeping curious. Sometimes ‘letting go’ of what no longer serves us. Being present and open to not knowing, working with others that do, trusting, sharing understanding, creating our own unique and magical formula to flourish.

What is it that truly nourishes you? I know in my heart by continuing to learn, travelling the world, I meet amazing people, taking pictures to share, discovering new ideas and exploring culturally different ways to be.

I sincerely believe that together we flourish. And that if we can listen and truly hear each other, we can enable each other to be the best we can be.

Are you ready for something new or something different? Do you want to know more, does this sound interesting to you? If so let’s talk.”


Creative Thinker
ILM Coach and Mentor BA (hons) DipM MCIM
Chartered Marketer
Mindfulness, Compassion, Insights Practitioner

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