Sacred Waters inspired by Ruskin’s Stream – video and poetry

I was told by a wise man. When you feel stressed. Stand by water and ask for it to take your worries away. It kind of made sense. I guess I had been doing this unconsciously for years; I’m love to swim my troubles away, to be calm enjoying the vibes by the sea, getting giddy and fresh near waterfalls. I grew up playing in streams, forever collecting stones and getting wet.
Tai Chi is made up of lots of water moves. I love to do these by water…’rolling the waves’, ‘the waterfall’ or even in the shower! Tai Chi is made up of the elements and including water. Being in nature, with the physical elements helps us synthesise the quality of the element, to embrace the power, it feels fabulous. Try it.
Here is my attempt at writing poem, on a creative writing development course at Brantwood, inspired by the healing qualities of babbling stream in the Professors Garden , where John Ruskin had his slate seat. Listen and watch the shot video clip of his stream, its beautiful.
 photo 3-1Sacred Waters,
You beckon, you dance; darting, turning, churning.

You reveal, you conceal.

You flow and unearth; soothing, moving.
Coaching the babbling brain away.

How delicious and how delightful?
Yet wise,
Discerning, nurturing,
Restoring natural rhythms,

You refresh and negate,
Stilling, holding,
Rekindling, reshaping.

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