Meeting Peace in our Daily Lives

Peace can be often difficult to find in our busy, hectic day to day existence. Crowded out by the demands and commitments of daily life. Can you remember the last time you experienced the presence of Peace?

But where do we find real peace. You know those audible moments of silence and emptiness that bring some welcomed space to our day?

The moments when our world stands still, and we see our senses are arrested into a gentle submission of wonder? 

I may find moments of peace walking in nature, in moments of stillness in my daily mediation, or maybe during a swim or a yoga session.

Personally I find more profound peace is far more difficult to achieve. It takes work. Would you agree? 

However, undaunted, receptive and open-minded I found serendipity was at play, on a special birthday trip traveling in China and Tibet. 

Everest Tibet May 2018Image, Everest Base Camp. Tibet May 2018

And I was to happen upon the elusive Peace, in an audience of her full grandeur.

She mindfully met me in the shadow of Everest. In the limitless azure skies, resting  beside the freshly flowing, glaciated, aqua waters. In the simplistic, uncomplicated natural landscape.

Here I felt peace, real peace. I found her in nature’s deafening silence.

She was arresting and profound. I can feel and almost touch her now as I type these words, she is firmly etched and home in my “inner scape”, and so I gratefully hold and recall Everest’s soothing majesty. 

Can you remember, when and where you last encountered Peace? And are you truly receptive to her presence in your daily life?


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