Achieving Heartfelt Success

What does success mean for you?

On a recent trip to Holy Island off Arran, I had reason to contemplate this question personally.

We are living in a world that increasingly values our success and status by materialistic standards. Our ability or inability to achieve materialistic worth can impact our self-confidence and self esteem. Jobs can be hard to find, or hold on to in uncertain times. This can cause our brain’s Driver and Threat systems to be continually on alert to ensure we prosper and survive at work and play. Not allowing us time to Rest and Restore.

I wonder what would happen if we did something different? If we were able to confidently shift our thinking and were able to redefine what success and achievement truly meant in our hearts.

Imagine being able to unearth new ways to find greater focus, wellness and motivation to achieve our inner potential.

On holy Island I was fortunate enough to join fellow colleagues and challenge myself to climb a rather big hill. We were celebrating passing a testing first year of our MSc Studies in Mindfulness. It gave us time to relax, to connect with each other and get fully into our bodies, after two days of teacher training tests. We had all grown up in so many ways, helping each other, learning and demonstrating that together we flourish.

Peace Centre‘s Garden Holy Island

Nature can be our companion to insights; well articulated by these ancient and wise words.

If this resonates and your are interested in a mindfulness coaching approach, please get in touch and arrange your free 1/2 hr session.

Mindfulness Coaching is suitable for business executives and owner managers looking to think differently. It is suitable for those wishing to make career transitions and rethink their lives.

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