Could Tai Chi Make You More Resilient?

tai chi manCould an Eastern (soft) approach to exercise like Tai Chi, Chi Kung be more therapeutic for your body?

Or do you prefer more hard exercise like Football, Tennis, Jogging.

Evidence and new thinking suggests that taking a softer approach to exercise could increase your health and resilience. How does that sound?

A qualified Tai Chi/ Chi King teacher, I often show clients and friends simple moves and techniques to help them better support their wellness. This may be simple, free ways to explore stress relief e.g. using techniques like mindfulness and meditation, or quick exercises like deep breathing. Breathing well can help settle or positively interrupt a troubled mind within a few minutes. 

unlearn what learntI have recently come across this great  blog by Renata Taylor-Byrne Lifestyle Coach-Counsellor. Renata pulls together a host of information to get us thinking about soft and hard approaches to exercise and how we can find ways to build wellness and resilience.

Some times we must unlearn what we have learned to become more well.

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Photos Lou teaching Tai Chi on the Erasmus Plus “Plant Grow Flow Project”, France 2016



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