Mindfulness is knowing what is happening when it is happening;

no matter what it is. 

Rob Nairn Founder Mindfulness Association 

Today elementas mindfulness brings new life to traditional business and coaching approaches enabling clients to harness:

P a u s e f o r a m o m e n t

As you read this,

you can choose to be mindful.

Take three deep breaths.

Come into the present moment.

Become aware of your experience

thoughts passing through your mind,

emotions that may be present,

physical sensations,

and feelings in your body
  • More self-awareness
  • Greater self-understanding
  • Better communication skills
  • Improved connections and relationships with others.

This helps clients to discover how to:

  • Be in more touch with their key personal needs
  • Live their lives with their authentic values in mind
  • Tap into their abundant inner resources
  • Find a natural balance in work, life, and play 
  • Renew focus, clarity, and motivation to reach Goals
  • Improve their confidence and healthy self-esteem
  • Build increased resilience to deal with life’s ups and downs
  • Handle change and transition better
  • Live with more harmony and happiness.

elementas business mentoring, and 1:1 coaching and wellness clients experience true, natural, life-changing changes with lasting benefits.

P a u s e   f o r   a   m o m e n t

What do you think Mindfulness is?

The Mindfulness Association’s (MA) working definition of mindfulness is:

P a u s e   f o r   a   m o m e n t

“As you sit and read this, you can choose to be mindful. You can choose to come into the present moment and know you are sitting here, while you are sitting here.

Spend a moment just becoming aware of your experience as you sit here: any thoughts passing through the mind, any emotion you are experiencing now and any physical sensations you can feel in the body.

Becoming aware of our experience relates directly to the ‘knowing what is happening while it is happening element of our definition.” (MA)

elementas works with this definition, and dovetails a mindfulness approach to coaching and business mentoring services. Clients are show simple tools and skilfully facilitated to be more familiar with their minds and their habitual tendencies. As a result clients recognise they have more choice, and are more motivated to make better work and life decisions.

Mindfulness brings together awareness of all elements of our life. Integrating true Wellness, be that physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 

Lou Booth’s Mindfulness Experience and Training

“I believe that Mindfulness is a bridge to the healing power of Self-Compassion and that elementas coaching sessions offer a unique process, space and approach for lasting change and powerful growth. ” Lou Booth

You are in confident hands. In 2015, I started a three-year training pathway to mindfulness, compassion, and insights, as a practitioner with the Mindfulness Association, which I successfully completed in June 2018.

As a coach I am always encouraging people to step out of their own comfort zone and so I have ‘walked my talk’ by undertaking a 3 year MSc in Mindfulness with the University of Aberdeen. It is challenging but fun!

Inspired by an amazing trip to Tibet and Everest Base Camp May 2018

Here my richer understanding of mindfulness and compassion is flourishing with new ideas and techniques.  I love to carefully synthesis and deliver the practical benefits of mindfulness daily to  individuals, teams, and organisations. I am motivated by the fabulous changes mindfulness brings to peoples’ lives.

I am committed to my personal daily practice, weekly MA practitioner’s mediation, and attend conferences to share good practice with clients and colleagues.

Check out my free resources and I would love to hear from you, if you are interested in my approach.

Lou Booth

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