2017 elementas New Wish Gift Vouchers

Looking for a perfect gift to make a real difference that special person’s life/wellbeing  in 2017? 2

After hearing that people need help or want to make changes but are not sure how, I decided that is would be good to be able to parcel a gift to share this wish!

Sessions take place in the newly furnished elementas house, a place of calm, quiet and creative inspiration.

Coaching (Find out more elementas Coaching)

One to One Sessions. A chance to find space to stand back from your daily life. Can you imagine feeling more relaxed, more peaceful, more present, more aware?  


Live the Life You Love sessions (Living the Life You Love Sessions and Sampler Sunny Saturdays) Sunny Sampler Saturday Session ( 2.15 hrs) or 4 sessions (2.5hr x 4) over 4 months as a shared in-depth journey, with like-minded souls.


Or do you want to get the Get That New Venture/ idea going  as a group or on a One to One Find out more (New Growth Mentoring)

New for 2017 elementas gift vouchers for coaching, Live Life Love sessions or to help with a new venture idea!  £25, £50, £75 vouchers available. Digital or printed versions available. In box me for more info. Lou@elementas.co.uk

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