new growth mentoring

elementas New Growth Mentoring for small businesses and owner managers.

I often come across fabulous people and businesses looking for help. elementas New Growth Mentoring sessions are designed to do just this.

Sessions are suitable for owner managers looking for a mentor who has an understanding of their needs and to help them on their journey from start up or making the changes to grow.

elementas sessions are tailored to help you just where you need it. Developing confidence in yourself to make those first steps to new growth. This may mean thinking about your service and pricing, or finding your way round social media. You may want to talk about recruiting new people into your business to help you take on more work. Or you may be seeking to better understand how to target, and segment your customers and find new ways to communicate with your clients and customers better.  You may be developing new products or services and need a sounding board. The choice is yours.

Session Options and Prices 

1:1 tailored support specific to your business needs and personal requirements. 

  • 3hr face to face session specific to your business needs and requirements £195
  • 4hrs – 3.5 hrs face to face session + 1/2 hr additional preparation prior to your session £250 
  • Additional Session Support Hours available.

Notes: Session support can include email, messages, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime.

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