“Steps on the Wheel” Romania Adventure – Summer 2016

Living the Life I love meant grasping an opportunity to be part of a training project called “Steps on the Wheel” in Romania.  I joined people from 13 countries for a magical 9 days. We stayed in simple accommodation by a river, surrounded by mountains and wood, close to Măguri Răcătău, 45 km from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. We lived as a community and shared chores. Video of the Experience 

I was hoping to meet like-minded people and discover new ways to integrate eco-centric ideas and natural, holistic approaches and in my professional coaching and mentoring practice www.elementascoaching.com. We covered so much in our time together and I learnt lots, including working with Wheel of Life/Developmental Wheel to Atmospheric activities/games. I feel like I was given the opportunity to grow, improve my International communication skills as well as test and explore new tools and techniques. We all worked with our personal vulnerabilities, using therapeutic tools, in an extremely safe setting. We learnt about the 
Hero’s Journey, fasting to taking solo time in nature (sleeping alone one night in the forest!) Our training activities focused on building a deeper connecting with nature.

I gained so much from the experience, ideas and new and deep connections making connections with woman and men throughout Europe. I have improved my self-confidence. I have faced my fears from the claustrophobia of being in a sweat Lodge to fasting for 36hrs, as well as allowing myself to work in a deep, safe and fun way with new people.

I now have a better understanding of experiential learning, non-formal and informal learning. I feel a deeper connection to the natural world as well as increased optimism for the future.  During the training I felt a shift in my personal and work philosophy. And I am exploring new ideas and ways to integrate the learning into my professional delivery to clients and customers.  I was given chance to teach Tai Chi and Chi Kung to younger people.   I am planning a new Life Live Love Project with Young People linked to the British Council later this year at the Asha Centre in Gloucester www.ashacentre.org

(Images copywrite: www.cristianioan.ro and www.elementascoaching.co.uk)

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