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Over the last 12 years, Lou Booth has been bringing together areas of specialist professional expertise, alternative ideas and fresh approaches to develop elementas’s unique style of coaching. Creating an inspiring style of coaching that is transformation.

elementas’s executive coaching is suitable for directors and senior leaders. It has been designed to consider your needs, holistically.  Connecting you with your component characteristics to flourish and achieve results. It is goal orientated. It is reality focused and enables you to access your inner resources. Practically it is a slot in your diary to focus solely on you. Time to leave all the noise and chatter behind and find true presence. To liberate your thinking and creative potential through structured discussions, practices, listening as well as space and stillness.

elementas creates a confidential space for you to harness your thinking.  A break from your daily routines to notice and realise, to work things out, to fine-tune and importantly to come to your natural balance. Confident in the fact you are then better resourced to continue on your journey, professionally and personally.

Coaching is specific to you and your individual needs. The process of structured coaching conversations enable you to become more self-aware, more discerning. By identifying your hurdles (actual or perceived) and mindset, you can encourage your own energy to flow more efficiently.

Using tools and techniques, such as exploring your individual preferences and your values and beliefs system will bring more awareness of what is driving you, consciously or subconsciously. Lou will help you work out the best ways to motivate and support you.   She will help you discover just how to unlock the extra self-understanding and focus necessary to make a difference.

elementas coaching causes you to stop, to have a break, to refuel, to remember, to feel more connected. You will feel more refreshed and refocused. You will have more time and energy for for the strategic growth objectives and personal changes you aim for. You know the ones, that until now, may have alluded you.

Check yourself in and give yourself time, space and permission to work out what matters,  what is truly deserving of your time and focus.


Source: executive and leadership coaching

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