Is there Mud on Your Road? 

Is there mud on your road? Metaphorically speaking, of course! Do you find yourself coming up against disheartening blockages? Stumbling over demotivating hurdles and challenges to achieve your goals?

Well that is all pretty natural. Relax. 

Would more clarity help you map out a better route? Imagine help to plot your future journey to get there quicker, more stress free? How does that sound? 

“Lou is clearly an experienced coach and even though I am not the easiest person to coach she was able to draw out of me a clear vision of what I need to do over the next 5 years in order for me to achieve my long-term goal. 

Although, I could have worked this out for myself, Lou’s skilled approach got me there a lot faster and with a clearer vision which means I was able to start implementing the changes sooner.”

Peter Dickenson, Entrepreneur  (Digital, Health Sectors)  – May 2017sylvenstein-reservoir

How does Coaching add Value?

Coaching can bring you extra support to deal with personal or work based “mud” challenges or blockages. 

You may be reassessing your career direction or life choices. You may be experiencing major life changing events. You may just feel that something is missing from your life. That’s normal. You’re human. 

Whatever your individual situation, coaching provides 1:1 confidential, professional support tailored to meet your specific requirements and designed to make a difference.

elementas’s executive coaching is suitable for directors, executives and senior leaders. Lou will help you connect up your component characteristics and crystalise your intentions. She will help you become more motivated and efficient in the areas that count, so you can flourish and focus on that place of beauty  and goal.  

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Image Sylvenstein Reservoir, Germany David Burrow

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