Month: July 2017

Magical Postcards from Vienna

Did you know that the first Postcard was established in the Austria – Hungarian monarchy in 1869? Today in Vienna, I learnt this new fact. In the days before the instantaneous, digital delights of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. Postcards enabled and encouraged people to… Continue Reading “Magical Postcards from Vienna”

This Game of Wellness!

The 4 dimensions of wellness include Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual. Here I am arriving in Vienna for a few days. Post to a weeks practical Wellness training near Olomouc in the Czech Republic (with colleagues from all over Europe). The trainers were a… Continue Reading “This Game of Wellness!”

Teaching Tai Chi, Chi Kung and relaxation on “Plant Grow Flow” Training June 2017

Teaching Tai Chi, Chi Kung and relaxation at “Plant Grow Flow” European Training in France,  June 2017.