Magical Postcards from Vienna

Did you know that the first Postcard was established in the Austria – Hungarian monarchy in 1869?

Today in Vienna, I learnt this new fact.

In the days before the instantaneous, digital delights of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. Postcards enabled and encouraged people to send images across the world, creating connections.

In the spirit of delayed gratification, I believe Postcards still have a place today. I like to send them to friends, family and acquaintances to remind them that someone is thinking of them across the miles.

Postcards can connect people with new places and ideas. I have sent postcards from places like Bolivia, Africa, Mongolia- places people I know would never visit. They can remind others we are thinking of them, sharing positivity in our happy moments. Sometimes the postcard receiver may be feeling lonely, sad or isolated. Hopefully Postcards share delight bringing some light to their day.

Postcards are slower and take a little effort. We may have to rack our minds to remember the address or postcode! We will spend time choosing the appropriate design, buying the card and finding international stamps! Then comes thinking of the best words to write (in the small space), connecting our thoughts to the card through the art of the pen.

Finally finding a postbox can sometimes be a challenge! Then we trust and hope the postcard gets to its destination! Eventually!

When a handwritten Postcard glimmers on the post pile (amidst the junk mail and hum drum of bills and domestic administrative chores! ), I hope you agree a little magic is brought to the day!

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