Wellness at Work

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.
Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.
The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn

John Muir

We all want to stay healthy, strong, and able to withstand challenges. That’s why elementas founder, Lou Booth, has developed the Wellness at Work program.  A program born from her MSc research and experience with business groups, it is packed with the latest research and practical ideas to help you and your team stay healthy and resilient.

Wellness at Work is designed to raise awareness, whilst nourishing, strengthening and supporting you and your team. Providing wellness sessions to your team shows that you care and prioritise their well-being, even those who may initially be sceptical. Suffering is part of being human and it’s prevalent in workplaces. Dutton and Worline (2017) suggest that workplaces without compassion can amplify human suffering. Adopting a compassionate approach in the workplace is crucial to enhancing performance, and promoting a positive work environment which can contribute to a competitive edge.

Suffering and Difficulty at Work

Suffering and difficulty are part of being human. We may not be experiencing suffering in this moment but someone we care for and work with may be and that impacts us. Compassion researchers Dutton and Worline (2017) propose that suffering is pervasive in places of work, which, without compassion, can become “powerful amplifiers of human suffering”. Dutton and Worline propose adopting a compassionate approach in the workplace is crucial to enhance performance and gain a competitive edge.  

Leaders and managers may lack the necessary knowledge and skills and need guidance to create a compassionate workplace culture. In a culture where workers feel psychologically safe, they can speak up (Edmundson, 2019; Ramachandran et al., 2023) and give their best. Research suggests that people feel happier and safer when their leaders are authentic, caring, and compassionate, especially during times of stress, uncertainty and change. Therefore, practising compassionate leadership is crucial to building an authentic culture of wellness within your organisation. Empowering your team with shared information and a common narrative with words to confidently talk openly about their well-being, challenges, and aspirations can create a stronger and healthier team and a more resilient organisation.

Lou will work with you to identify your organisation’s specific needs and focus on the key areas which will best help you to thrive and flourish. She will then design and deliver you a package of bespoke support which includes team workshop sessions and optional 1:1 support. 

A) Group Sessions:

The 75-minute sessions are designed to connect your team together in a professional space with time to talk to each other, whilst taking a closer look at the building blocks of wellness and resilience.

Group wellness coaching

The sessions will help your team to build their self-awareness and identify areas for better self-care, as well as better appreciate the needs of their fellow work colleagues and customers. Unpacking the four building blocks of wellness and domains of resilience; mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Exploring what wellness and illness mean on a personal and professional level.

Group Wellness and Resilience sessions topics will include:

+ Identifying and understanding our stress response and triggers to cope better

+ Building awareness of personal values habits and tendencies

+ Managing personal performance and guarding against burnout

+ Improving communication, presence and listening techniques

+ Assisting people in accepting and valuing differences within a team

+ Finding a common language to talk about wellness with confidence and ease

+ Opportunity to taste and build simple self-care tools and resources; including mindfulness breathing techniques, kindness and compassion, rest and restore

+ Time to focus and be prepared with a personal wellness and resilience action plan.


When your team are fully resourced, they will be better able to confidently articulate their needs, keep well and present both at work and at home.

B) 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring:

The group sessions are designed to give your team a taster of the topic, but some members may benefit from more personalised 1:1 support. Additional 1:1 coaching sessions will offer a safe, confidential environment where people have more time to reflect on their experiences. Here people can make sense of their situation and come up with their natural wisdom and conclusions. 

These 75-minute sessions with Lou provide an opportunity for individuals to unpack topics discussed in the group sessions, as well as discuss more confidential matters that they may not feel comfortable sharing with the entire team. This service is ideal for those team members who need additional guidance and support to cope with workloads, and relationship issues, and navigate stress to stay resilient and well.

By combining team sessions and 1:1 coaching, your organisation will be better equipped to stay strong and resilient, weather the storms, and flourish especially during times of growth and change.

Your Wellness at Work package includes:

Personalised Packages from £1785

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Workshop Design
  3. Co-ordination 
  4. Delivery of 4 x 75-minute Bespoke Wellness and Resilience Workshop Sessions 
  5. Optional 1:1 Coaching Sessions for individual team members (4- 6 sessions), £125 per 75-minute session. 

Lou Booth holds a Master of Science in Mindfulness from Aberdeen University, and her recent research has focused on coaching men in compassionate leadership for wellness and resilience. With over 30 years of experience working in business sectors, Lou has a Business and Marketing Degree and a Postgraduate degree and is a mentor for Boost Lancashire, delivering government-funded Coaching and Wellness and Resilience Peer Groups.  An ILM-qualified Executive Coach and Mentor, abiding by EMCC member ethics,  Lou is a certified Heartmath Coach and. Lou integrates 8 years of mindfulness and wellness approaches to assist clients to improve relationships, reduce work-related stress, and find more clarity, meaning and happiness.

Compassionate Warrior Groups – Lou also runs Wellness and Resilience for professionals or Sole Traders and Small Business Owners “Compassionate Warriors”. You may wish to send a member of your team to work with other professionals away from the business. Groups focus on the scientific benefits of compassion at work, home and play, with simple techniques and bring people together to flourish. Prices start at £200 per individual for 4 group sessions.

To find out more about how elementas can help you, your team and organisation grow your wellness and resilience, please get in touch: lou@elementas.co.uk 07715814833 phone or WhatsApp.


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