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Enjoy a Better Quality of Life – Keep You and Your Business Healthy and Strong

Mount Everest (Tibet) photo credit Lou Booth

Wellness is a the front of mind as we all navigate changes to our day to day routines. elementas wellness coaching and mentoring sessions offer you a better quality of life. A clear, structured pathway to help professionals, business owners, executives, senior managers to thrive, to keep healthy, strong and well.

These sessions have been designed for this time. Time to ground, to pause, to catch your breath and to rebuild confidence. Bringing support to adapt to a new rhythm of life.

“I wanted to find my self-limiting beliefs, in our sessions I get to see, to start to see the things that are tripping me up.

Finance Director

This process, will support your health and wellness. Your wellness will ripple out and impact the wellness of your loved ones, business colleagues and teams and stakeholders. We then can start to help each other to think differently, to fail faster with kindness, not criticism and to pause and move on quicker to safer more secure ground.  

My “lightbulb moment” moment may be a realisation…. that actually the way forward has a blockage that needs tackling….before I can move forward. In talking through the issues it enables me to find a way of dealing with it, having difficult conversations ultimately improve my outlook and mental health.”

Senior Growth Advisor

Together, we will work to find some of those “light-bulb moments”, those insights that have potential to change lives, and our world for the greater good!

Below you will find a structure for sessions and an appointment form.


Wellness Coach and elementas founder

Lou Booth

Professional and Executive Coaching and, Mentoring, Wellness and Mindfulness Postgrad Certificate Mindfulness Studies BA (Hons) DipM MCIM Chartered Marketer

“where attention goes, neural firing flows and neural connections grow”

Siegal D, 2018

Session 1 – Your Wellness – We will explore and map your personal wellness needs and decide where you need to focus your energy for your best benefit at this moment.

Session 2 – Recognising And Managing Stress – Better recognise your negative habitual tendencies. Identify strategies to build on what you are good at, so you can cope better and become more resilient. We will discuss practical actions to enable you to make quick personal improvements.

Session 3 – Finding Clarity “In The Midst Of It All” – Linking sessions 1 and 2 we will to work together to move from confusion and distraction to clarity and awareness and presence to harness your inner resources including patience, resilience and courage.

Session 4 – Dealing With Unplanned Change And Transition – Building on session 3 we will fortify and strengthen your focus, clarity and discernment to enable you to better handle unplanned change and unforeseen situations.

Session 5 – Communications – Building on your self-awareness and awareness of others. We will work on your ability to hear better and communicate more effectively in your day-to-day conversations. We will touch upon dealing with tricky emotions. I will share techniques to harness your emotional intelligence, and ways to ground yourself, before navigating tough conversations.

Session 6 – Tools to Survive and Thrive – Drawing upon tools from neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, executive coaching, MSc mindfulness, compassion and insights training I will teach you how to fail faster, and move on quicker with less criticism of ourselves and of others. Moving through change to get results and find new meaning to thrive and flourish.

Cost: £850 includes initial consultation and 6 x 75 minute sessions. All sessions are with owner Lou Booth. To book your sessions (limited availability), please fill in the contact form or call Lou on 07715814833

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