Heartmath Coaching

Imagine being able to self-regulate your feelings?

Moving quickly from feelings of anxiety and frustration to feelings of courage and calm focus.

To access those higher states of joy, love, courage, passion, creativity and inspiration.

To be grounded and more resilient?

To enjoy higher levels of wellness?

As a certified Heathmath Coach (link) you can be confident Lou will show you have to get to the heart of the matter and help you access your heart intelligence. Together you will discover better ways to positively flourish in today’s uncertain world. You will learn how to be more present, centred and focused, and authentically connect with the heart of who you really are. Choose from the following coaching packages/

Coaching Package 1


Taster – A quick fix, and targeted first/aid to heal your recovery. Be that a drop in confidence, or tailored support to you to get over a small set-back. Give yourself time to re-focus your mind to move towards your desires and ambitions. 

Suggested timescale 6 weeks

Price £349

Coaching Package 2


Enjoy enriching and grounded support and confidently reach your destination. Designed to lift your spirit and help you navigate change, with renewed motivation and energy for that new project, promotion or career change. Adapt better to unexpected life circumstances and handle stress at work or home with more ease. Together we will explore the best ways to build your resilience and improve your wellbeing and lift your spirit.

Suggested timescale 12 – 14 Weeks +

Price £849* includes Inner Balance wearable feedback Technology and App

Coaching Package 3


You have long-term life changes on your horizon, and know this will take extra energy. From managing a major life event or changing the course of your life, you know you have started the process of transition, but need more focus, clarity, courage, and more purposefulness to get to your destination. You are wise enough to know you need a support team to bring your extraordinary plans to life. You want to rethink and challenge your limiting habits and patterns, to discover new creativity and live to your best values, unleashing your limitless potential.

Suggested timescale 20 Weeks +

Price £1099* includes Inner Balance wearable feedback Technology and App

Please Book Your Initial Consultation (to discuss your needs)

(* Instalment Payments are available for for “Transition” and “Transform Packages”)

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” 


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Welcome to elementas coaching. I am Lou Booth the owner, founder and inspiration behind elementas. My passion is wellness..

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