Executive Coaching

The value of Executive Coaching

What exactly makes you tick? And would it really make a difference if you knew?

Would you feel happier at work, and with the people and creatures that matter the most to you in your life?

If you had more focus, more clarity, more presence could you possibily make better choices, and cultivate more joy?

Well I believe you would, and evolutionary psychology and neuroscience research experts seem to agree.

Are you curious about your potential and perhaps comfortable to take a fresh approach, and bring light to blocks and to stubborn resistances?

Executive coaching provides this opportunity, to rediscover your self and ask the right questions.

Lou has worked with me, to help me on a journey to rediscover myself after number of issues at work completely knocked my confidence, question who I was and what I was doing with my life. She is non-judgmental and really got to know me as an individual and never passed judgement. She has a vast wealth of experience and knowledge of life to relate to and she has some great tools/aids at her finger tips to help inspire you instantly. She exudes so much positivity and encourages that from others. Lou is such a genuine person who want to help others to get the best out of themselves. She is a very inspirational lady; a great personal coach that has help me beyond my expectations and I am now discovering a whole new me..that I really like! Thank you just doesn’t seem enough “

Alison, Business Manager (Events Management and Leisure Sector)

If coming home, connecting and living to your value system strikes a chord, and my approach resonates, then let’s share a cuppa and talk about unearthing new insights, through the value of executive coaching.

The value of Executive Coaching

“Over the years I have had the pleasure to meet managers, leaders and owners to discuss business and life experiences. Most are coaching in a similar style. Looking for a different approach? I can highly recommend Lou to guide you to your balanced lifestyle and business achievement”


Lou Booth

Think less about what you do, more about the way you do it! And let’s do in your life time! Book an executive coaching session today and see how we can work together.

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