Wellness at Work

Today, keeping well, strong and resilient is front of mind, for all of us, more than ever before.

We are now in the mountains and they are in us, kindling enthusiasm, making every nerve quiver, filling every pore and cell of us.

John Muir

To support organisations to keep well and resilient, elementas’s founder Lou Booth has designed Wellness at Work; a powerful programme, packed with some of the latest ideas to help keep you and your team well.

Wellness at Work is designed to raise awareness, whilst nourishing, strengthening and supporting you and your team. 

Lou will work with you to identify your organisation’s specific needs and focus on the key areas which will best help you to thrive and flourish. She will then design and deliver you a package of bespoke support which includes team workshop sessions and optional 1:1 support. 

Offering the sessions will give your team, even the most skeptical, a clear sign that you care about their wellbeing. Research shows people feel happier and safer when leaders are caring, true and compassionate, especially during times of uncertainty and change. Compassion leadership is key to building an authentic culture of wellness. When your team are empowered, with shared information and a common narrative to share and talk openly about their wellbeing, challenges and aspirations this will create a stronger and healthier organisation.

A) Group Sessions:

The 1- hour sessions are designed to connect your team together in a professional space with time to talk to each other, whilst taking a closer look at the building blocks wellness and resilience. The sessions will help your team to build their own self-awareness, as well as better appreciating the needs of their work colleagues and customers.

Group Wellness and Resilience sessions topics will include:

Unpacking the four building blocks wellness and domain of resilience; mental emotional, spiritual and physical . Exploring what wellness and illness means on a personal and professional level:

  • Understanding and identifying our stress response
  • Managing personal performance and preventing burnout
  • Building awareness of personal values habits and tendencies
  • Helping individuals to embrace difference
  • Improving communicating, presence and listening techniques
  • Developing a language to confidently communicate wellness with each other
  • Opportunity to taste and build simple tools and resources; including mindfulness breathing techniques, self-care, kindness and compassion
  • Time to focus on a personal wellness and resilience action plan for tricky times.

When your team are resourced, they will be better able to confidently articulate their needs to keep well and present both at work, and at home.

B) 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring:

The sessions are a taster and some of your team will benefit from tailored 1:1 support. Here, Lou will offer the opportunity for personalised support to individuals within your team. These hour sessions are an opportunity to unpack some of the areas explored in the group sessions, as well as more confidential matters that the individual may not want to share with the wider group. Ideal for those team members that may need a little extra help and support to keep resilient and well. The 1:1 sessions provide a safe confidential setting where people have time to reflect and relate to their experiences, figure things out, and reach their own conclusions and natural wisdom. 

The combination of team sessions and 1:1 coaching will help your organisation keep well, strong and resilient to weather the storms. 

Your Wellness at Work package includes:

Packages start at £1650 

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Workshop Design
  3. Co-ordination 
  4. Delivery of 4 x 1hr Bespoke Wellness and Resilience Workshop Sessions 
  5. Optional 1:1 Coaching Sessions for individual team members

Compassionate Warrior Groups – Lou also runs Wellness and Resilience for professionals or Sole Traders or Small Business Owners “Compassionate Warriors” . You may wish to send a member of your team to work with other professionals away from the business. Compassionate Warrior. Groups focus on the scientific benefits of compassion at work, home and play, with simple techniques and bring people together to flourish. Prices start at £120 per individual for 4 group sessions.

To find out more about how elementas can help you, your team and organisation grow your wellness and resilience, please get in touch: lou@elementas.co.uk 07715814833 phone or WhatsApp.


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