Organisation resilience & Wellness

Organisation resilience and wellness is designed to strengthen and support you and your team through a process of change to thrive and flourish.

Group Sessions:

elementas founder Lou Booth will work with you to identify your organisation’s specific needs to keep strong. She will then design a bespoke series of team sessions around resilience and wellness. The sessions will include identifying and managing stress and burnout, communicating and listening. We will explore the benefits of mindfulness and self-care to build resilience, especially in tricky times. The sessions are aimed to bring your team closer together, to build their self-awareness so they can better understand their work colleagues and customers. When your team are more resourced, confident they will be better able to communicate their needs to keep well and present at work and home.

1:1 Coaching and Mentoring:

Lou will deliver personalised support to individuals within your team by 1:1 individual coaching and mentoring. These packages will ensure your team get the best help to keep resilient and well. Lou provides a safe setting where people have time to relate to their experiences, figure things out, and reach their own conclusions and natural wisdom. During the pandemic this will be on zoom.

elementas consultancy works with small and medium sized organisations. The combination of team sessions and 1:1 coaching will help your organisation keep well, strong and resilient.

To find out more about how elementas can make you, your team and organisation more resilient fill in the appointment form or contact 07715814833 WhatsApp.

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