men’s executive coaching

Clarity Confidence Energy

I work with open-minded men in finance, who want to gain more clarity, confidence and energy so they can best navigate uncertainty, keeping inner balance and optimising their performance to reach their goals faster.

“Nice manner, you listen well. Feel relaxed in your presence. Your approach is different. You have a different way of thinking, a non-traditional approach. You have pointed me to think differently and as a result I have changed.”

Dave Murray Vice President, GCP Technologies American Express 

elementas’s executive coaching is suitable for owner managers, directors, executives and senior leaders. and designed specifically to support men. Lou offers a safe, confidential space for professionals who need a sounding board, a trusted confident to talk to about their ideas, aspirations and challenges to move forward.

You may be currently experiencing major life changing events. You may be reassessing your career direction or life choices. You may just feel that something is missing from your life. Whatever your individual situation, Lou provides 1:1 confidential, support for a better quality of life.

“If you would have asked me 12 months ago to seek help from somebody in Lou’s profession I might well have responded in the typical blokey way….I don’t need help, I’ll sort it myself! Since being put in touch with Lou I have been so pleased with the results from our meetings. I find that using Lou as a bit of a sounding board and being open to her suggestions has really put the concerns I had about my work into perspective. There is no doubt that my relationship with Lou has had a positive impact on not only my work but my family life as well” 

Wealth Manager  

Coaching is goal and outcome orientated. It enables you to access your inner resources to achieve results. Practically it is a slot in your diary to focus solely on you. Time to leave behind all the noise, to find true presence. To liberate your thinking and creative potential through engaging, structured discussions, questioning techniques, work practices combined with listening and space for stillness and reflection.

Coaching is specific to you and your individual needs. Lou’s experience will help you harness your thinking and tap into your emotional intelligence. A break from your daily routines to notice and realise, to work things out, to fine-tune and importantly to come to your own natural balance.

Structured coaching conversations enable you to become more self-aware, more discerning. By identifying your hurdles (actual or perceived) and mind-set, you can encourage your own energy to flow more efficiently to focus on your goals.

‘Where attention goes, neural firing flows, and neural connection grows.’

Daniel J. Siegel MD ‘Aware’ the science and practice of presence, 2018

elementas coaching will help you to stop, to rest and to refuel, to reconnect so you can reset your inner compass. You will feel more refreshed. With new energy you can focus on the key strategic objectives and personal changes you desire. Professionally and personally you will have new resources to confidently continue on your journey with ease. elementas coaching will help you build resilience, emotions intelligence and new insight.

“insight (the ability to have) a clear, deep and sometimes sudden understanding of a complicated problem or situation”

Cambridge on-line dictionary

Together we will explore your individual preferences, values and belief system. I will help you bring more presence, more awareness more congruency and balance into your daily life. I will work with you on different ideas, fresh approaches and development techniques from my mindfulness training and research findings.

“Lou helps me by challenging elements of my thinking, encouraging me out of my comfort zone and to think “out of the box” this leads me to be more self-aware with better decision making and forward planning and new explorations…”

Dave Watkins Chair and Treasurer Ribble Steam Ltd 

You will be more aware of what is driving you, consciously or unconsciously. Together we will work out the best ways to help your motivation  and support you in this process.   I will help you discover how to unlock the extra special self-understanding, giving specific attention to areas that will truly count.

Check yourself in and give yourself time, space and permission to work out what matters, what is truly deserving of your time and focus and make a true and lasting return on your investment.

Coaching Packages (Pricing on request)

Structure Example Timescale: 6 -12 months.

Number of sessions: 6-12

Session length: 1-1.5 -hrs.

Place: Zoom or Skype.

Support ( phone, email, FaceTime, WhatsApp)

Confidentiality and Professional Practice

Lou Booth is a qualified and experienced coach of 12 years. She is guided by the professional standards, outlined by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 7, and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) for executive and management coaching. She abides by the guidance of the EMCC Global Code of Ethics and the Mindfulness Association. Lou is currently studying for a part-time MSc Studies Mindfulness Aberdeen University where she is specialising in coaching insights. As part of her professional practise Lou has regular coaching supervision and takes part in continuous professional development.


elementas coaching is a highly confidential process. Implicit trust and discretion is essential to the client and coach relationship and central to the coaching process. This is outlined in the coaching contract, available at prior to your first session.

Given the highly personal nature of Executive Coaching, Lou welcomes your interest by filling in the appointment form below or getting in contact 07715814833.  Evening appointments are available by application.



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