“Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn” John Wesley


Energy gives us the ability to do things, whether it’s getting a new work project off the ground, fueling that creative idea or even just thinking! You know that
energy exists because you can see or feel what it does.
“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” Albert Einstein

When we light a fire it requires support (a hearth, a container, a person to tend it), in order for power to be released. The spark from the match awakens the fire, a catalyst to release wood’s latent energy, bringing life; seen in flames and light, felt in heat, comfort, sometimes safety or a even a sign of motivation and hope.

Fire can create boundaries and burn off what is no longer needed. The colour and heat of our individual fires and intensity will vary. Some of us will burn strongly, some will take a while to get going (and may need a few attempts!) others may be like touch paper, burning brightly then fading away quickly.

“The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long.” Lao Tzu Te Tao Ching 
We can relate fire to our personal lives, our heart-felt passions, relationships, hobbies, work and health. Fire can light the way, creating a beacon of leadership for others. It can fuel our drive to get things done. Fire can be amazingly powerful and transformational. But it can also be harsh. Remember to use your fire wisely, coupled with respect and integrity.

If asked, “What lights your fire? What are you passionate about?” How do you answer? I love to ask people this question and then watch. People often pose for a moment, and then I notice their eyes start to light up, I feel them starting to come alive, their heart energy grows, a smile forms and they become really animated as they describe their passion. A light comes on. It’s truly beautiful.
Then something very odd often happens. The energy drains away. The light goes out. Excused by “but that’s just my dream…”, “but that will never happen…”, or “its impossible….” (all “self-limiting” beliefs). Before their dream is allowed to fully come alive, to fully form, the fuel is switched off. The flame is extinguished.

I’m guessing it’s because our passion and drive cannot always be ignited or sustained alone. We all need support. That’s where having a coach or mentor can bring huge benefits.

Do you need help to ignite your special fire, your passion? Are you ready to let your personal fire burn brightly for all to see?

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