Personal or life-coaching is a solution-focused, results-orientated systematic process, in which as a coach Lou facilitates and supports you to best enhance your life experience and performance in areas of your choice.

Whilst life-coaching has a different focus to business coaching, career and work based matters can be addressed as part of your process.

Life-coaching takes a holistic and personalised approach to you as an individual. The process enables you to focus and grow at a pace that best fits your personal needs.

Typical areas where individuals benefit from life-coaching include:

Improved confidence and self-esteem



Clarity and help with career transitions

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Opportunity to focus on your dreams and aspirations 



Ways to help restore old, or build and develop new relationships







Time to think and help getting  your life in order



Chance to focus on your health, physical, mental or emotional wellbeing


These fabulous 1:1’s take place in a confidential space of your choice. They are designed to energise you and support your journey to get closer to the place you want to be. Coaching (for the mind and emotions) helps us get there quicker.

For those interested Lou offers mindfulness approaches to help focus our intention, calm the storm (the rest and restore part of our mind) as well as opportunity develop more self-trust, confidence in our intuition, so we can make better choices.

You know the choices…the ones that help us flourish naturally.

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elementas Executive and Leadership Coaching  is suitable for owner managers and people in senior positions in organisations.

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