Unleash your SUPERPOWER!


Become a Compassionate Warrior! Boost your wellbeing, in a comfortable space, Gather your thoughts and build better wellness and resilience states and skills!

Maybe you want the chance to build your confidence and fine tune your emotions for better relationships at home and at work? Or maybe you wish to wisely protect yourself from looming stress and potential burnout? 

Are you motivated to connect with a small group of 5 like-minded people to harness the power of compassion to help with all of the above?

“ a fantastic group to be along the journey with who wish to take the same path, some extreme epiphany moments along the way!!”

This course has been designed to help you do all of the above. Bringing more warm-hearted presence, awareness, self-kindness and a sense of belonging. Giving you a wealth of resources and support to make a difference to your life.

What is Self-compassion ?

First we appreciate compassion. Then we can take a compassionate U-turn” to cultivate Self-compassion for ourselves; a powerful state and positive resourceful attitude towards supporting ourselves ( which also supports others).

The three elements of Self-compassion include mindfulness awareness, a sense of our shared experiences as human beings and self-kindness– opposed to our habitual self-critical voice! Constant criticism as a form motivation can be depleting mentally, emotionally and lower our spirits.

Self-compassion can be expressed in two main ways (1) Tenderly or Yin concerned being with ourselves; comforting, soothing, validating and and (2) Fiercely or Yang which focuses on acting in the world; protecting ourselves, figuring out what need and providing for our needs. As well as getting up and motivating ourselves to do something about it all!

In the West are often socialised to express ourselves with a more Yin or Yang approach, depending on our gender, age and upbringing. This can cause a sense of imbalance. Our sessions together will help fill in the gaps, to find more balance.

Your four-month group coaching journey will help you to explore and grow your natural, inner Self-compassion superpower.

“The course has made me so much more aware and has provided great tools”

You will be the first to experience new materials and ideas backed by the latest scientific research, we will draw up the expertise of leading compassion experts Dr Kristen Neff and Dr Chris Germer . Their whose research tells us about the benefits of our naturally occurring Self-compassion to help improve our wellness by helping us to meet our core needs defined by Dr Rick Hanson and Professor Paul Gilbert. We can often loose connection with ourselves in daily life and our core needs often may stay unsatisfied. We can forget ourselves, get lost, and become frustrated or depleted at work or in our personal lives. These sessions will help you to reconnect with your personal needs, develop your self-confidence, to do what you need to do to meet your personal needs for a happier life.

Listen to what past participants have to say.

The Course sessions have…

“made me very aware that compassion is important in personal relationships, but above all have the realisation that I am not as kind to myself.“ (Jo)

“made me truly realise how undervalued this skill is and although down to be a daily habit of improvement… is greatly valuable if you wish to understand self kindness and awareness within yourself”

“has made me more aware of emotional triggers, how to identify with how I’m really feeling and importantly how to be kind to myself and celebrate the good in me.“ (Retired Engineer)

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Your group will help each other. You will discover simple ways to harness your innate power of self-compassion; mindfulness, belonging and kindness. You will naturally grow your wellbeing and hopefully have some fun along the way!

The Group…

“…has also provided some lightbulb moments”

“As an extra bonus I have met some truly beautiful people who have so much to offer and the shared experience has been wonderful.” (Di)

“a fantastic group to be along the journey with who wish to take the same path, some extreme epiphany moments along the way!! (Phil)

Spring Sessions start in march 2023.
4 intimate on-live sessions (6 per group) with 1:1 chars in breakout rooms to get to know each other and share and build relationships. You will receive tailored resources and have a whatsApp support Group to build your connections.
Your personal investment is committing to growing your superpower 1.5hrs one evening per month 7-8.30pm on zoom ( so you can be anywhere!) for 4 months £120* and a promise to yourself to focus on You!

*Direct transfer reduction with payment cards, see below booking charge applies.

Places limited to 6 per group – To reserve your place contact Lou or WhatsApp 07715814833

Spring Session 3 April, 8 May, 5th June, 3 July 2023

To Book Spring 2023

Autumn Sessions 4th Sept, 2 Oct, 6 Nov, 4 Dec 2023

To Book Autumn 2023

Winter/Spring Sessions 24 8 Jan, 5 Feb, 4 March, 8 April 2024

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