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elementas consultancy works with new start-ups and SMEs wanting to branch out and grow. The combination of Business consulting, mentoring and coaching  services will give you the personal support you need to make magic happen. elementas also adds some essential marketing acumen, design flair and sound people skills, creating your special formula that will bring your plans and ideas to life, ensuring you flourish. 

Supporting your personal vision through a process of change and developmentDaring to ask the unspoken helping to unearth and clear the root of barriers or issues. Building the basic building blocks of understanding, connecting people, building solid foundations and strengthening structures, so you can do the things you do even better. From help with customercommunications to finding new ideas and inspiration to revitalise your products and services, elementas can energise and enable you and your people. Unlocking your potential, the knowledge and tools you need to make confident decisions. That may be connecting you with new specialists or working with you  or your people on the ground, mentoring, supporting, guiding tactical delivery, ensuring everyone knows their role and is heading in the same direction.

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Case Studies “together we flourish” 

Manufacturing – Darwen Terracotta

“We offer a big thank you to you for all the help and guidance you have provided us. I firmly believe that when we had the idea of the business earlier this year we had not considered all the issues and problems we would encounter, with your help and guidance we feel that you moved the project forward, your thoughts and ideas provided inspiration and certainly drove us to be more focused. I know Jon really took up the challenge following our very first meeting and moved up a gear establishing the website and doing intensive market research on the “colours” market.  We both really appreciate all the assistance you provided and would welcome you back at some point in the future to view the progress we will make.” Steve Allen Operations Director Darwen Terracotta manufacturing


Design – Katie Craven Designs

“Lou Booth is a brilliant mentor, she has lots of business knowledge in tkatie_4erms of planning, manufacturing, sales and  marketing. She is also very helpful and is able to identify exactly what it is that is holding my business back from growth, and giving plenty of tips and ideas of how to eliminate them. She is wonderful to work with!” Katie Katie Craven Design

Service Sector- Go Velo

Go Velo Mentoring Case Study

 “The help and support we received through Boost and specifically Lou Booth has been excellent. Lou came to every meeting prepared with very good ideas to help drive Go Velo forward and support us in the best way she could. Lou also put us in touch with a promotion company that created specialist marketing and promotional material to ensure a professional finish.”

“The high quality service we received played a large part in winning the county council contract and we owe Lou and the Boost programme a big vote of thanks.”

 Go Velo Director Kirsti Grayson

elementas successfully nutures and brings people together. Connecting the disconnected, collaborating with people and logo examples NEW copyreassuring when growing pains seem too tough to take. Sincerely holding the ground for people. Providing a safe setting where people relate, figure things out, and reach their own conclusions and support each other to find new wisdom naturally.

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