business and organisation mentoring

Business and organisation mentoring is designed to support you and your team through a process of change, to thrive and flourish.

elementas consultancy works with new start-ups and SME’s wanting to branch out and grow. The combination business mentoring and coaching  services provides personal support you need to make magic happen on your journey. elementas also adds some essential marketing acumen, design flair and sound people skills, cureating your special formula, helping you decide your best direction so your plans and ideas come to life, ensuring you flourish. 

Allowing you to develop your skills and experience. Or mentoring your staff. From help internal communications and external marketing communications to customer or finding new ideas re-vitalise your products and services, elementas can energise and enable you and your people.

elementas unlocks your potential, your knowledge and tools you need to make confident decisions. That may be connecting you with new specialists or working with you and your team on the ground supporting and guiding tactical delivery, ensuring everyone knows their role and is heading in the same direction.

In projects, elementas brings together other like-minded people enabling collaboration. Sharing understanding and wisdom.  Together we come together and support individuals and organisations to find the right solutions that work best for them.

Find out about new growth mentoring

elementas successfully nurtures and brings teams together. Connecting the disconnected, collaborating with people and solid and reassuring when growing pains seem too tough to take. Sincerely holding the ground for people. Providing a safe setting where people relate, figure things out, and reach their own conclusions and support each other to find new wisdom naturally.

elementas Executive and Leadership Coaching  is suitable for owner managers and people in senior positions in organisations, and works with wellness approaches. elementas Coaching information.

To find out more and book your first session fill in the appointment form or contact 07715814833

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