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elementas was founded in 2011. It was the start of a journey to work, and live life in a more authentic way. And without realising at the time I was exploring and testing ways to help others to do so also.

Today elementas provides professional coaching, mentoring and wellness services to individuals and organisations.

Services designed to help nourish your needs and wants in ways that help you develop and flourish. And essentlially enabling natural, creative, holistic, mindful and compassionate approaches to live and work.

Our best journeys to growth mean venturing out of our comfort zone. Keeping curious. Sometimes ‘letting go’ of what no longer serves us. Being present and open to not knowing, working with others that do, trusting, sharing understanding, creating our own unique and magical formula to flourish. I can support you to do this.

“Home” Buenos Aries

“I sincerely believe that together we flourish. And that if we can listen and truly hear each other, together we can be the best we can be. We can build positive, trusting and open relationships so people can work and live well.

What is it that truly nourishes you? I know in my heart by continuing to be creative and learn, traveling the world, I meet amazing people, discovering new ideas and insights, exploring cultural similarities and difference all ways to be, to share with you.

Do you want to know more, does this sound interesting to you?

If so let’s start a conversation, Lou Lou@elementas.co.uk

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