elementas story

elementas was founded in 2011. It was the start of a journey to work, and live in a more authentic way, and without realising I was exploring ways to help others to do so also.

Today elementas helps individuals and organisations to thrive and flourish, by delivering exceptional levels of wellness coaching and business mentoring.

Healthy individuals are more likely to be creative, resilient and present (physically, mentally and emotionally).

Investors in People agree, “happy healthy employees are more likely to be present, motivated and productive”.

elementas integrates traditional tried and tested business tools with fresh innovations founded in evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and compassion based expertise, which:

  • Enables fresh ideas and new thinking. “You have pointed me to think differently and as a result I have changed.” Dave Murray Vice President, GCP AMEX.
  • Challenges business owners to focus strategically, to draw upon their inner talents, to resource both their business and personal goals. “You help me sort myself out so then I can focus and get on with running and growing my business.” Jeremy SPM.
  • Support managers to provide a workplace where all employees can thrive and flourish. “Mentoring is anchoring me. I’m rebuilding my workplace confidence and skills to get on with my job” TH (managing anxiety and depression). 

Our best journeys to growth mean venturing out of our comfort zone. This means keeping curious and sometimes ‘letting go’ of what no longer serves us. In learning to be more present in our conversations at home and work we can begin to understand each other better and connect. This builds empathy and trust.

From this space we learn be ok in ourselves and more ok with others. We can be more confident in not knowing all the answers and learn to be ok when it is not ok. With a willingness to keep learning, talking and working together, we build new skills and resilience. From this openness comes the magical formula to flourish. I can support you to do this.

“I sincerely believe that together we flourish. And that if we can listen and truly hear each other, and move together we can be the best we can be. We can build positive, trusting and open relationships so people can work and live well.

“Home” Buenos Aries

What is it that truly nourishes you? I love design, to explore, to travel and to meet inspiring people, see nature and experience different cultures, discovering new ideas and insights, to share with you.

Do you want to know more….If so let’s start a conversation lou@elementas.co.uk

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