Business Wellness

As we move through change, we many need to find new ways to work together. New ways to engage with clients, colleagues and our teams. As you move though the process of change, elementas can help support you to keep well, so you can thrive and flourish. 

elementas consultancy helps new start-ups and SME’s wanting to branch out and flourish. A combination of business mentoring, coaching and wellness services provides you with a Bespoke and Personalised service to make magic happen.

elementas unlocks your potential, your wise knowledge to help you to make confident decisions. From connecting you with new specialists or working with you and your team we ensure everyone knows their role and is heading in the same direction to reach their potential.

“Lou Booth is a brilliant mentor, she has lots of business knowledge in terms of planning, manufacturing, sales and  marketing. She is also very helpful and is able to identify exactly what it is that is holding my business back from growth, and giving plenty of tips and ideas of how to eliminate them. She is wonderful to work with!” 

Steve Allen Operations Director Darwen Terracotta manufacturing

elementas successfully nurtures and brings teams together, energising and enabling you to: 

  • Connect the disconnected to collaborate and grow.
  • Be solid and reassuring when the growing pains seem too tough to take, sincerely holding the ground for people.
  • Provide a safe setting where people can relate and figure things together and be heard and have a voice. 
  • Provide wellness coaching to make a different to peoples’ lives at work and home.
  • Help with internal communications to keep everyone onboard.
  • Support external marketing communications to customers.
  • Mentor staff in business and marketing with design flair.
  • Explore new ideas to re-vitalise your products and services.
  • Strategically Plan your special formula, your best direction to bring your plans and ideas to life.
  • Develop Management and Leadership skills.
  • Build resilience and resources to reach goals quicker.

“Lou has many skills including being understanding open and honest which supports communication between us and helps me with others, be they directors, volunteers, or staff”

Dave Watkins Chairman Ribble Rail Ltd and Ribble Steam Railway and Museum

In projects, elementas brings together other like-minded people enabling collaboration. Sharing understanding and wisdom.  Together we come together and support individuals and organisations to find the right solutions that work best for them.

Business Mentoring is available at daily and half daily rates. To find out more and book your first session contact 07715814833 @elementaslou

elementas Executive and Leadership Coaching  is suitable for owner managers and people in senior positions in organisations, and works with wellness approaches. elementas Coaching information.

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