November Sparkles- Free Business Coaching and Mentoring.

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As the nights become DARKER Let’s shine LIGHT on your inner talents, and ignite your influence in the areas that you know will truly count, at work and at home.

I’m offering FREE 1/2 hr* (worth £60) towards your first personal coaching or business/coaching sessions booked in the first two weeks of November.

linked-in-postcardGive yourself some time to work out “What counts, that can not be counted” for you!

My aim is to help people work out what counts for them, to help them flourish. I’m at my best with ethical people and ethical companies.

“I am now discovering a whole new me…..that I really like! Thank you just doesn’t seem enough” Alison (Director)

elementas sessions integrate innovative mindfulness and compassion based expertise, with tried and tested business tools to help you flourish.

Sessions allow you to enjoy a confidential space for stillness, balance and reflection. Reconnect with your true authenticity. Learn how to free your thinking from concern. Feel more refreshed, more energised, more confident, professionally and personally.

Together let’s harness your creative potential and reset you inner compass. Let’s shine light on your inner talents, and focus your influence in the areas that you know will truly count.


Lou Booth ILM Executive Coach. Business Mentor. Wellness Practitioner. Communications specialist.

For more information contact 07715814833

elementas -“together we flourish”

* (offer valid when booking 3+ sessions)

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  1. Reblogged this on elementas coaching and mentoring and commented:

    For me it’s time for exploration and travel. Time and space for the moments
    of feeling truly ALIVE. Time for those giggly Indiana Jones moments. Priceless sights, sounds and feelings etched on my heart; like approaching the ancient temples of Bagan, watching the sun go down. slowly, peacefully navigating the Irrawaddy River. Lou


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