“When we truly connect with our energy and our authentic ideas, great things happen; inside, outside, beyond”.

True Authentic coDriving from North to South late Thursday evening I had valuable space to think. I know and work with some amazing and talented people. I feel lucky. Sometimes they reflect back an idea or thought that we have been working with for them, one that really hits the spot for me also! This happened recently. I was asked what my “North Star” was. Please read the blog from inspired thought leader and expert Rick Hanson below to understand this idea.

Well my North Star is about connections; inside myself, outside with others and beyond, you know the bigger picture stuff. Also the opposite is true ‘dis-connections’ inside, with others and to the bigger picture stuff. This is easy to say but massive to realise and understand and focus on. Hence this quote that came to me share with others (geographically somewhere between Oxfordshire and Hove!) Hope you like it.

“When we truly connect with our energy and our authentic ideas, great things happen; inside, outside, beyond”.

I guess that is why I love to coach and mentor and explains my personal love of energy work through yoga, mediation and teaching Tai Chi.

Thanks for this inspiration to a certain client Michael and to Rick Hanson and everyone way who has supported me and encouraged me on my journey to this very spot! Lou Rick talks about “When you find your North Star, you know where you’re headed. That alone feels good. Plus, your North Star is (presumably) wholesome and vital, so aiming toward it will bring more and more happiness and benefit to yourself and others. And you can dream bigger dreams and take more chances in life since if you lose your way, you’ve got a beacon to home in on.”

 Rick’s Blog is worth signing up to, I first discovered his practical well communicated ideas in his book Buddhas Brain Practical Neuroscience whilst at a buddhist retreat studying to be a Tai Chi teacher.

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